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Holistic Nutrition Wellness Program

Holistic Nutrition Wellness Program

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Here at Divine Love Holistic Wellness, LLC, we assist individuals in unlocking their body's natural healing process through the introduction and implementation of holistic nutrition: the art of eating foods as close to their natural state as possible.

We work with clients in person in Baltimore, MD or via Skype, globally. Our goal is to arm you with tools, support, and love not matter where you are, shattering the myth that pills and a low fat dieting is the key to health. 

REAL FOOD HEALS. Even with high fat content (think avocados, coconut oil, and Omega 3's to name a few)

Your experience in our Holistic Nutrition Program stretches beyond the typical dieting and restrictive eating we see in mainstream programs. We assist you in building a relationship with food and finding pleasure in eating while experiencing the following benefits:

-Weight Release (weight loss)
-Balanced Hormones 
-Acne and Allergy Relief
-Healthy Period 
-Improved Metabolism
-Improved Mood
-Increased Energy


What You'll Get


-Personalized Lifestyle Plan

-PDF Ebook with Meal Plan, Recipes, Shopping Guide, and Nutrition Guide

-Informative handouts/printouts to support your journey
-24 hour email support
-Weekly motivational text support (optional)

-Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions


Your Investment


-A desire to be greater
-8 dedicated weeks 

Our Holistic Nutrition Coaching Package includes:

-1 hour consultation/intake session
-Customized health/lifestyle plan after each session
-Test, supplement, and herb recommendations
-Phone and email support 
-8 one-on-one sessions

-PDF meal plan, nutrition plan, recipes, shopping guide



***Please note, we do not accept any form of insurance for our Holistic Nutrition Wellness Program. If you need a payment plan, please email***