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Wholistic Wellness Community Specialist

This program is a 6 month tele-course for individuals who desire to uplift and rebuild themselves and community with:

-Holistic Nutrition Education

-Therapeutic Herbalism

-Stress Release

Apprentices receive one-on-one training and guidance from our Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner Jennifer-Hope. Apprentices will learn:

-Holistic Nutrition Theory and Philosophy

-Herbal Medicine Remedies 

-How to prepare nutrient-dense meals for optimum wellness

-Herbalism in low income communities

-Starting a garden in small spaces

-Scientific proven stress relief techniques and practices


Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to improve your health and the wellness of our family and community! 



Apprentices who successfully complete our Community Wellness Apprenticeship will receive a stamped certificate of completion.


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Next class begins Tuesday, June 4, 2019.