For Natural Body Care Products


What is the estimated shipping time frame?

All products are made to order and ship within 3-5 business days of order receipt. (ex. I placed my order on June 23. My order will ship on June 26 – 28, does not include weekends)


Are the natural body care products vegan friendly?

All of our products are vegan friendly except our Lemon Lip Balm and Lavender Healing Balm.


What is the average shelf life of the natural body care products?

Our products are formulated to last up to 6 months from production date.


Are the natural body care products available in stores?

Not at the moment. Join our email list to stay in the loop of new stockists!


For Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Services


How do I book a nutrition or wellness service?

Once you pay for your service of choice, an email well be sent within 24 hours with appointment availability for the next 7 days. Select a time and date for your convenience by responding to the email.

Are meal plans customizable?

Yes, meal plans are 100% customizable for your health goals.

I live in Baltimore, Maryland (our location), do you host in-person wellness sessions?

Nutrition and Wellness sessions are conducted via Zoom, Skype, in-person, or via telephone.



For Apothecary Products

What is the shelf life for Elderberry Syrup?

Our Elderberry Syrup is made to order and must be refrigerated upon receipt. Elderberry Syrup should be used within 60 days (2 months) of receipt. Discard after Use By date.

What is the shelf life for Blazing Cider Tonic?

Our Blazing Cider Tonic has a shelf life of 1 year. Blazing Cider Tonic should be stored in a dry cool space. (Cabinet, pantry, closet)


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