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Therapeutic Energy Healing

Therapeutic Energy Services are services formulated to raise your vibration, clear stagnant energy, and address root causes of imbalances associated with your current energetic state. With the constant ebb and flow of life, balance and homeostasis is the goal. Browse through our services to see what resonates with you the most! Can't find what you're looking for, email for a customized experience. 



Experience relaxation and rejuvenation with a reiki session accompanied by aroma and sound therapy. Reiki, through gentle touch, restores physical and emotional balance, activating your body's own natural healing process. 

Your first session includes our Aura Cleansing Bundle! ($33 value)
$80 (1 hour)



Chakra Balancing 

The wheels of life are continuously spinning and often times, become stagnant with negative energy, blocked, or closed. Balance your chakras with a full crystal healing session that includes tuning forks, singing bowls, and a full assessment of the 7 main chakras.

Your first session includes our 7 Chakras Balancing Spray ($11.11 value)

$80 (1 hour)




Therapeutic curative approach to create change subconsciously, through the power of suggestions. In-depth guided meditation that helps with fear, anxiety, pain, and stress.

Hypnotherapy is the process of using hypnosis as a therapeutic technique. Think of it as you in your most relaxed state, receiving powerful life enhancing suggestions, to change your life! Ultimately, this is what hypnotherapy does.

The subconscious mind is the source of many of our problems and self-image. Our beliefs, behaviors, habits, are stored as information. The subconscious is a gargantuan reservoir of our unrecognized strengths and knowledge. 

Hypnosis is an extremely effective and natural technique used to reach the subconscious mind, the place where our greatest strength, the solutions to our problems, changing unwanted behaviors and habits, and unlocking our greatest potential rest.

Are you ready to experience life on a higher vibration?

We offer hypnotherapy for the following:

- Stress & Anxiety Relief
- Depression
- Smoking Cessation
- Addictive Behaviors
- Pain Management
- Fears and Phobias
- Disease Management (please see our disclaimer)
- Fitness and Health (weight release)


$90 (1 hour)


Guided Meditation

Activate your inner peace with a guided meditation session. Guided meditations are individually customized for your specific needs. Choose a live session or receive a recorded meditation via email. 


$40 (25 minutes)