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Whole Kids Wellness Class

WHOLE Kids Wellness Class is a youth-centered interactive structured around nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, a recipe for whole wellness. Children are empowered, through hands-on experiences, to learn basic nutrition concepts, how physical activity improves well-being, and on the contrary, how practicing mindfulness regulates emotions.

            Children will spend approximately 1.5 hours, venturing into fruit and veggie recipes, fun outdoor interactions, and peace in stillness. WHOLE Kids Wellness is facilitated by Holistic Wellness Practitioner and former Early Education Teacher, Jennifer Hope Snowden, co-owner of Divine Love Holistic Wellness, LLC.

            Individuals who participate in this program will learn the following:

  • How to make a smoothie, fruit pizza, and/or popsicles.
  • The importance of physical fitness in your younger years while having fun.
  • Using deep breathing and stillness during moment of upset.

This class is suitable for children ages 5+. Bring this class to your summer camp, youth program, or school by applying below.


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